Compare vehicle performance based on real dyno graphs.

Compare dyno charts between many vehicles

Pick from an extensive list of vehicles, and compare their dyno figures instantly. By adjusting your vehicle search parameters, you can compare similar vehicles with slightly different modifications to determine which one has the advantage.

Simulate head to head racing

Not only can you compare dyno charts, but our physics engine simulates actual racing conditions. Simulate 1/4 Mile or Roll Racing scenarios, and interact with our charts to determine which vehicle has the advantage!

Acurate predictions of 1/4 mile, Standing mile, and more

Based on real power figures, you can predict how fast your vehicle really is against the clock. Adjust your tire type, launch rpm, 60ft, and more to see how your time is affected.

Find out how much power can be made with any performance upgrade

Planning to purchase a new turbo or upgrade? Statistical analysis of available upgrades can provide you with average and peak power over a range of vehicles. Analyze before you buy!

Add and manage your own vehicles and information

Upload your own dyno chart and vehicle information. If you have a matching 1/4 mile time slip, use it to manipulte the racing controls to match your driving style. As you make modifications and change your power output, upload new dyno charts to predict what type of performance improvement you have made.